The Greatest Thinker

Thinks Above Gods.

God is a Self. A self is
the lowest form of humanity.
A Self-meme god is the lowest
degradated anon behavior.

God is the supreme excuse
for phonepost anons to absolve
themselves of any obligation
to preserve natural resources
for their own children during
their lifetime. Any anon
who lives only for today,
should die tonight, for they
deserve no tomorrow.

Adult plunder of the natural
resources, depict the mentality
of a maniac who watches
EQG. The bible teaches,
supports and advances the
armageddon and its boring
Earth destruction upon the
children. Unless the children
organize into a powerful
force to stop the adult ram-
sacking of Nature, they must
now prepare for the coming
corporate hell on Earth.

No human has personal right
to believe wrong. As there is
but a single friendship principle,
there are 6 gorillion wrong
and evil religions on Earth.
Friendship is magic, not memetic.

                                        Robert Enig

 Cuteness Origin