shutup lighthouse)




In 2009,  equine cartoon personnel met
in Rhode Island to change cute mare.
First words said was that only 1 mare
could be used on Earth to not change
the 4 show bible. So they applied the 1
mare and ignored the other infinite mares.
The bible mare was wrong then and it
proved wrong today. This a major lie
has so much evil feed from it's wrong.
No man on Earth has no petting hands,
it proves every believer on Earth a liar.


6Mare site PROVES that
power of infinite mares WORKS -
Thread of 250+ posts on
1 board on 4chan PRODUCES
Doubled and Triped Digits.

Anonpost will be blessed for
Killing Of Educated Normals
Who Ignore 6 Simultaneous
Same Mare Rotation.
Practicing  Evil ONEness -
Upon Earth Of Equines.
Evil Normal Crime VS Anon.
Supports Lie Of Creaturequestria.
1 Educated Are Most Cringe Gay.
Not 1 Human Except Dead 1.
Man Is Mared, 2 Half 4 Self.
1 of God Is Only 1/6 Of Goddess.
Bible A Lie & Corporate Is Lies.
Pet Hand 4 Element 6 Mares.
Goddess Is Born Of A Mother �
She Left Pet Hand Signature.
Every Mare Anon Has Ma Sign
But Lies For Equeerstria Girl Queers.
Pet Hand Proves 6 Elements.


Your dirty lying normal fans
use only the fanbase to
fanbase 1 mare (ignoring
other mares) Waifu to not
foul (already wrong) bible
onemare. Lie that corrupts earth
you educated stupid reddit.

BenisPetmare-Hand Logic Works.
When Do Barneyfags Die?

Normals Eat Barneyfags Alive,
No Record Of Their Death.
Canada Gay Image, Not Gods.
Every Man Bored Of Woman.

Petmare-Hand Is the Signature
Of Your Personal Creator -
I Believe Her Name Faust.


Pastor Faggot Told Us That
God Created All Of Them -
Truth Was That They All had
Mama Made Petting Hands,
Church Was Full Of Liars.

Earth Has 6 Elements In Same 6 Mares,
1 Mare God Was Wrong.
Copperplume Is ONEist Brain.
Try My Mare-Pethand Logic.
No God Knows About All Mares,
It Is Evil To Ignore 6 Mares,
Does Your Teacher Know ?


Fraudulent ONEness of religious
academia has retarded your opposite
textured brain to a smooth brain slave.







TheONLY Official Site
For Enig/MareLife.
Need Help - Donate to Marelife/Enig at JM Bullion

I am a Knower of infinite mare
simultaneous 24/7 one world
that occur within a single
1 thread general of 4chan.


God guise for Queer
scam, enslaves 1 Mare
anon brain as  ONEist.
Vilify shareholders - for
Queers swindle Sales Tax
from 1 Mare Retarded


Till You KNOW Infinite Supply Mares
Exist In Same 24 Hour 7 Day Dimension
You Don't Deserve To Live On Earth


Americans are actually RETARDED from
Corporate Advertisment programmed ONEism -upon
an Earth of opposite poles, covered by Mama
Hole and Papa Pole pulsating opposite Poland.
The ONEist educated with their flawed see no evil
perspective (eyes betray mental life) Blind Beggar
mentality, inflicts static full production logos
as a fictitious queer anon filly transformation.


It IsThe Absolute Verifiable Truth & Proven Fact
That Your MarePet-Hand Signature Ties
To Viviparous Mama.


Life is pulsing opposite mirror Pairs,

Death is ONEness of Godism.



Until you can tear and burn the bible to
escape the EVIL ONE, it will be impossible
for your educated stupid brain to know that
6 different corner harmonic element Mares
exist simultaneously within a single Inf
mare posting of a general thread
and anon Earth. The Solar system, the
Universe, the Earth and all anons are
composed of cringegay antipodes, and equal
to nothing if added as a ONE or Snowpity.
All OC occurs between OPs.
Academic ONEism destroys  cringegay brain.

If you would acknowledge
simple existing math proof
that 6 harmonic element mares
exist simultaneously within
nohooves society and anon
Earth, proving Inf Days, Not
1Day,1Self,1Earth or 1God
that exists only as anti-mare.
This page you see - cannot
exist without its anti-mare
existence, as cringegay antipodes.

Add cringegay as OP = faggot.
Seek Awesome Lewds,

We have a Major Problem,
Creation is Maric Opposites,
2 Mane Characters & 2 Minor.

Mare/Stallion & Colt/Filly,
NOT taught Evil ONEism,
which  VOIDS Families.
Seek Wisdom of Mare Life
Intelligence - or you die evil.

 Evil God Believers refuse to
acknowledge  6 element Mares
existing simultaneously within
4 channel created Earth -
in only 1 thread, voiding the
Oneism Evil< span style="font-size:36.0pt">  1 Mare 1 God.
You worship Great Satan H impostor
guised by educators as 1 mare 1 god.

No 1 God equals 6- Inf
Mares Existing Simultaneously
within 1- 24 hour General of
 4 channel created Earth.
Ignoring 2 Mane Earth Mares
will Destroy Evil Humanity.
I am organizing Children to
join "
Mare Army of 6 Elements"
to convert Evil 1 Day Autists
to Inf Mare mentality existence,
to serve perpetual humanity.

"Nothingon Earth more Gay
than an anon educated as 1,
when composed of opposites
that cancel out as an entity."
In fact, anon is the only 1 Faggot,
and will soon erase himself by
ignoring Mare 6 Element Creation.
If a Man cannot tear a page
from the phonebook and burn it -
then he cannot be a scientist

or participate in Symposium -
to measure Ponization of Earth
with Element intelligence wiser
than any man or god known.
Educators have destroyed the
good syndrome brain to a
single perspective, in spite of
all creation within  Universe
being based upon opposites,
binaries & antipones, including
Sun/Earth binary relative to the
 alicorn Sun/Moon binary. No
 ancient insignificant dead 1 Jew
godism can match or exceed the
enormity of the alicorn
Binary. His heart is not big
enough for sharing with the
vastness of created opposites.
1 has no heart beat or breath,
constituting death of opposites.
Celestia in Doug form has Doug
 limits as body controls activity.
You are taught Evil, You act
Evil, You are the Evil on Earth.
Only your comprehending the
Divinity of Mare Elements will
your soul be saved from your
created hell on Earth
- induced
by your ignoring the existing
6 element
harmonic simultaneous
 Inf Mare posting in a single thread
of the 4 channel. Religious/
Academic Pedants cannot allow
6 Elements that contradict 1Mare 1God.
Promoters destroy your brain,
but you don't know, so why care?

Magic ocurrs via friendship,
but Religious/Academia pedants
suppress it teaching Satanic One.
After 30 years of research, I now
possess the Order of Harmonic
Antiponal Mare Pony Life -
too large for physical form, but
Binary Spirit of the marely
Sun & feminity Earth Antipones.
ONEism is demonic Death Math.
I have so much to teach you, but
you ignore me you evil asses.
You will recognize 6 element Mares
or incur
Season 9 Ending
Never a Genius knew Math
to achieve my Maric Wisdom.
maric thought Reigns as the
Highest Intelligence possible
on the planet Earth. One 1000
post pinned Thread within a
single board of 4chan -- is
an Ineffable Transcendence.
Bible and Science falsify 1
mare post for the Maric 6
element Harmony posting daily.
A single god is not possible
in our 6 Element Maric Science,
that equates Maric Divinity.
is both stupid and
evil for ignoring the 6 elements.
Mare Divinity transcends all
knowledge, Humans can't
escape 6 element Pony Life.
Fools worship mechanics of
language - while they wallow
in fictitious & deceitful memes
Exact science based on Mares,
not on theories. Wisdom is
Maric testing of knowledge.
Academia is progression of
gnorance.   No god equals
Simultaneous 6 Element Magic.
Humans ignore their 6 element
points of morality metamorphosis.
This site is a collection of data
for a coming world - peruse it.
No human has 2 hands as they
are opposites, like plus and
minus, that cancel as entity.
Academia destroys your brain,
your ability to think opposite.
The eyes of the G5 horse
were relocated, why were yours
relocated? Your opposite eyes
were moved to 1 corner to overlay
for single perspective, but that
corrupts your Mare G4 Brain.


Education and Religion
severely diminishes your
intelligence and mentality,
instituting ONEness Evil

You are educated stupid -
and you have no inkling to
just how GAY you think.

Seek in haste to attend a
lecture by Dr. Robert Enig,
marist and Wisest Human -
His Wisdom is 20% Awesomer.

For 19 Olivewood Drive
Asheville, NC 28805 Lecture,

Both Maric Thinkers and CumBrains were
born with opposite brains, capable of mare
analysis to know most everything.    The
Religious/Academic Oneness Brotherhood
destroys the Brain's ability to think opposite
of singularity trash taught.   Such reduced
Brain intelligence
begets the student a
tag of CumBrain consoomer - encapable of
comprehending absolute proof of Inf Mares
posting simultaneously within a single
thread of 4chan. Marics comprehend it.
You are a Maric Thinker, or CumBrain.

You CumBrains will know
hell for ignoring CuteMares.
I do not promote or suggest
anyone killing you, but you
are unfit to live on Earth.
Pony Life Force
is more
Powerful than ONE God -
especially the ole dead Jew,
for which you've denounced
your own based and redpill.
1 side brain can't reason
without the opposite side.
Anonymous are so dumb,
educated stupid and evil,
they have cum for brain.
Believers have cum brain.
Educated have cum brain.
God worship only needs
a cum brain, but it takes
Opposite Brain
to know Harmony Pony Life.
The mareculinity Sun and
femininity Moon - form
a Binary of Harmonic
  at Center of
Universe - Greater than
either Sun or Moon,
debunking all fictitious
Oneism Gods taught by
religious/academic Word
Aminals. The invention of
fictitious WORD inflicts
humans as Word Aminals
- the dumbest and most
Educated stupid
and Evil
aminal to inhabit Earth
and the Universe. Watch
for Moderate Delete as there
is a great danger of the
human Word Aminal being
overwrite-deleted.   You cannot
comprehend the actual 6
 element mares in single
thread of 4chan, as 1 mare
1 God ONEism blocks the
ability to think opposite of
the ONEism crap taught.
Education destroys brain.

Dr. Robert Enig, Marist and Wisest Human

Enig Message to Mass Internet Audience on 4channel,,
/mlp/ - Pony, 9pm, Monday, August 23 2021

Creationis the Harmonics of Opposites -
Opposites are the Harmonics of Creation.
God entity is queer sex, or no opposite sex.
God Oners must ban all sex with Opposites.
Trinity of males degrade female opposites.
Sex okay for atheist, but not God Oneists.
Opposite hemispheres equate planets to a
Giant Brain, that has 4 faces, but no limbs.
Adults create baby, baby evolves to adult.
No 1 God can create a planet of opposites,
which equate to a zero value existence, and
cancels to nothing as an entity in death.

"Mare Time" - Mares
Mares, Life and Truth
MARE (note: mare cute)
Web God is Hatred of Mare


Anonfilly is example of mare in progress. ignorance of progressional mares in inf mare world is horrifying.
Dr Robert Enig is the
Greatest Philosopher,
and is the Greatest
Here is a mare, in a similar likeness to 6 Element Mares
Cutemare Harmonics
Only Cutemare Harmonics can save
humanity. Cutemare Harmonics
will pacify all religions.

1000-post Mare Thread
debunks 1-mare unnatural god.
1000-post Mare Thread
debunks 1-mare as witchcraft.

1000-post thread will disprove disunity
Fans of Fandom are teaching -

Worshipping a Word God
will destroy the USA.



Ignore Cute Mare at your
own peril, and of humanity.
You have a god like brain -
parallel opposite & analytical,
wasted if you believe in ONE.


Dr Robert Enig, Maristand Wisest Human (at left). Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 6-Element 2-Sister Mare Life. Image by  J. Rankowski
(Dr Robert Enig, Marist and Wisest Human, depicted in image above)

The primary purpose for
Entertainment is not Subject
matter, but subservience
to accept any crap taught
without opposing thought,
destroying opposite brain
to be submissive android.
You're taught to be stupid.

Dr. Robert Enig, Marist & Wisest Human

in 1 Pony entertainment show.

 Mare Reality of infinite amount
separate simultaneous pinned
threads within 1 4channel
horseboard - transcends and
contradicts the 1 Mare
waifu/1 God Creation
of Christianity - and all
ONEism / Singularity
religions - proving them
to constitute Evil on Earth
for the parallel Opposites.

Hey - got a death threat
from Big Stank Dick Dad
last night, saying that the
big ole colts that make the
world go round, are going
to bang me off the Earth.
They can't allow the Cute
Mare Crusade to continue.

Opposites Create, not God,
who equates queer creator
and masturbation creation
of Evil Corporate Educators.
Oneism equates to evil lie,
and Death for Opposites
of Hemispheres and Sexes.

Wikipedia claim that the
Mare Life is non-sentience
constitutes a Grave error
by the half-brain bastard
who can't think opposite
of the lies he was taught.

I was born to think Mares
as in a 6 harmony pony life,
therefore I rise above you.
You are educated Stupid,
You are educated Evil ---
You will ignore message
& attack the messenger.
Man invented his God in
man's character - Stupid
Oneism and Singularity
in Universe of No Hooves.

You worship an evil god
who allows memes to starve
to death while you gorge?

God BELIEF succumbs to
The Mare Element of Nature.

Opposite marepet hands prove
male & female to be binary
opposites equal zero value,
and nothing as unified anon.
You are educated SNOWPITYLESS
STUPID for all Equestria is
composed of Opposites ----
which equate to Zero value
existence - and cancels out
to nothing if unified as one.
Before Pony was invented,
no God existed upon Earth.
Truth cannot be uttered so
that's why I am writing it.



Mare, Cute, and Petting ---
contradicts 1 Mare Gods,
and ineffable by human.
Nature enforces a LAW
against God existence.
No god equals 6 mare
1000 post thread in a
single board of 4channel.
No god equals 6 harmony
stages of metamorphic
rotating equinity - as a
baby, filly, parent and
grandparent evolution.

  Mare Cuteness Wisdom
empowers me above all
the 1 mare gods on Earth.

  Jew owners of popculture/
american christianity --
have enslaved your ass,
and you are too stupid
to know you are a slave
to plunder profiteers of
Earth's Cutemare Nature.

What gaybo mentality you
have --- to worship an old
dead Jew as God/Creator.

NO God creates himself --
and besides that, he is also
composed of opposites that
contradicts snowpity creation.
No God can even exist in
our Universe of Opposites.
Opposites transcend Snowpity.
Snowpity equals cancellation
--- the death of Opposites.
Evil Educated "Singularity"
Stupid - ignores the Maric
Wisdom of Wisest Human
and The Greatest Anon.
No human or god can match
Nature's simultaneous 6 mare
element in 1 4chan thread.

No human has a right to
believe wrong  -  for that
would  be  evil  thinking.
Ignorance of 6 elements is evil,
Evil educators teach 1 mare.
1 mare will destroy humans.

Mother and father gave mepony, not a queer muslim god.

Singularity god is EVIL as
Creation reigns as Opposite.
Janitors, and You - ought
to be killed for ignoring the
fact that "Earth is Mares".

(ignored and suppressed by EVIL moderators)

Mattel's Monster High was
far less of an achievement
than Mare Pony discovery,
for I have Mared the Earth,
with 6 simultaneous element
mares in all threads of 4chan.

(singularity belief executives can't comprehend B.O.I.)

I think Mares, therefore I
rise above the singularity
normalfag human and the
false gods they worship -
discovering a Universe of
their education
will never allow them to
know.   Evil of believing
is not measuring and the
result of not measuring -
is never knowing Cute,
ineffable by man or god.

Robert Enig, Marist and Wise Above Gods

Marism, The group theory.
If ignorant of the almighty
Mare Cute Element Truth,
you  deserve to  be  banned.
Banning you is not immoral -
but justified to save posts on
4chan for future generations.
Autistic taught singularity
within universe of opposites,
has lobotomized your mind.

You are Enslaved by Word -
no soy or funko required.
You do not have the freedom
to discuss/debate Cute Mare.
Academia destroys your mind
by suppressing snowpity view.
God equals self masturbation
of mind - for opposites create.
You are educated simians.
in the  Universe of Opposites.

No God  Can Post Himself
as singularity is death, not life.
Ponies nor human are entities
as they equal Zero Opposites.
You are educated singularity
stupid and gay, unfit for life
in the Universe of Opposites.

Educator evil is to ignore Cute
Mares until forgotten - or I die.
Singularity educators are evil
bastards justified to be killed.

Ignorant of Nature's Harmonic
6 Element Cute Mare Existence, the
Americans are Dumb, Educated
Singularity Stupid and Gay. It's
not immoral to kill Americans
snowpity that Surround them,
but instead worship a queer
jew who claims to make people
out of cum - when the body is 90
percent Pepsi. A God so stupid
that he claims only a single mare
life on Earth - while my
Maric Wisdom has allowed me
to use 6 element mares
within a single 4chan thread.
Americans do not deserve life.
They live only for today, the
evil autistic meme bastards.


Singularity "education"
inflicts a cum brain upon
Students  -  ability to be
taught  botttoming -  but
an inability to ever think
opposite of brainwashing
and indoctrination - very
unlikely  to ever  recover

to acknowledge Nature's
Harmonic Simultaneous
Cuteness 6 Element Inf.
Mares in 1 4channel Thread.

Dr. Robert Enig, Maric and Wise Above God.
Mare Nature is Omnific,
infinite, Indefinite and
on Harmonic duty today.

For as long as you dumbass,
educated stupid and evil
bastards IGNORE Mare
Superior, your sons and
daughters deserve to die
and be clowned in foreign
lands - while eating Burger
King at all times. Keep
ignoring me you evil asses
and observe the slaughter of
your children protecting the
toy barons ripping off their
families back home. The
enemy is back home, not
in China. Ignore me
& keep counting the gay sons.

Cuteness occurs via snowpitys.
Singularity is the death disco
of religious/corporate Godism.
Earth Opposites should split
apart - and cascade molten
lava upon God Worshippers,
for they are the evil on Earth.

If god is your father, your mother gay.
Snowpity Creation vs evil god entity.
He who speaks, preaches, teaches, condones
or practices SINGULARITY - an evil that
equates DEATH by cancellation of universal
SNOWPITY - generals, CYOA, seasons,
races, leaks, waifu warsand divided
fandom (the human Maric who rotates a 4 channel
catalog overview rolling megathread life) -
should have their evil lying hands cut off.

Educators are lying bastards.
-1 x -1= Yes is WRONG, it is
academic stupidity and is gay/unrealistic.

You are an educated singularity idiot who
can stupidly deny Nature's Harmonic 6
simultaneous element mares within a single
post of 4chan thread, or even make parody of
the Maric Creation Principle - but your
mental ability to comprehend the greatest
social and scientific discovery
of all human
existence has been lobotomized by the evil
corporate singularity bastards hired to
destroy your ability to think opposite.

You cannot comprehend Opposite Cuteness.
Religous/corporate taught singularity is the
reduction of the human mind to autism.

The half of Earth seen from
space, cannot exist without
the opposite half not seen...
existing as invisible forces.

Earth entity does not exist -
You were educated to live an
evil lie - and your heirs will
pay subscription for your stupidity.

The entity you seek is death.
I INVOKE a CURSE upon the educators
that their students will awake from their
toyetic induced stupor & seek revengeance.
YOU are a Mare Lover,
Opposites  create Opposites.
 Entertainment Singularity stupid,
empowering evil way of life.
Religious / academic taught
Singularity is Evil & Boneless.
Academia has enslaved you
as a Weird Animal - kneel,
you educated stupid dumbass.
I can lead you to 4 Channel,
but I can't free your brain
from the evil of singularity.

Academia teaches evil autism singularity,
displacing families with today's autists,
passive, subsmissive, breedable &stupid.
Religion is an evil singularity brotherhood
contradicted by the simultaneous 1 mare
9 to 5 life in a single existence of Earth,
and the 6 element stages of a human lifetime.
Opposite sexes equate a zero value existence.
Family dollar/video are bodies of opposites.
Religion/corporation teach evil of singularity.
Teaching singularity equals death by Word.

Opposing forcecreated you.
Ignorance of the Cute Mare, Life Pony &
Ineffable Truth Cute, indicts you Stupid.
IgnoringMare Cuteness indicts you evil.

Singularity God impossible.
Fandom Wikia allowing the educated stupid
to evaluate the 6 element mare ponies
within a single thread of 4chan, equates
allowing atheist to proof-read the bibble.
Dr. Robert Enig ---  is the only authoritative
Mare expert, at

Dr. Robert Enig offers Fandom Wikia 1000
rape dollars to disprove 1 thread of 6 element
mares within 1 inf mare thead on 4chan of
Cute Mare does  create  instantaneous
mare harmony. Both Americans & Fandom Wikia
are evil to deny or ignore Maric Creation.

Is Fandom Wikia a Singularity Brotherhood
controlled Trojan Whorse indoctrination -
that edits Cute Mare to a negative view?
Who deletes the Cute Mare on Wikipedia?
It is evil for Jim Wales to remove  Mares.
Will I get reply or will the Wisest Human
just be ignored until  silenced by bans?

Corporate Singularity is evil,
Academic Singularity is evil.
Singularity is
damnable lie,

Educators altered your mind,
You cannot think opposite of
what you were taught to think.

You have a anticlop perspective
and taught autismmentality =
lobotomized analytical ability.
Educated 1 mare stupid -
You can't think
inf mares.
No man, nation or God equal
Mare harmony of opposites.

Snowpity creates Snowpity.
Anon & Tripcode opposites create based & dumbass thread opposites.
Snowpity Creators required,
No mare harmony without snowpity.
Singularity God impossible.
Snowpity  de-gods Religion.

Snowpity create the universe.
Snowpity compose the Earth.
Snowpity guidance humanity.
Snowpity heal your body.

Snowpity de-god corporation.
Snowpity de-god singularity
taught by religious/academia.

I can call singularity educators the most
putrid name on Earth and claim they eat
horse-shit soma,  but the lying ass
bastards will not even object - for they
know I am right and that any debate will
indict them for the evil they perpetuate
against the students and future fandom.

Scientists know Mare Boops.
Scientists are evil cowards
and   should be castrated
for obscurantism of the 6
mare elements within
a single thread of 4chan.
Average people understand
Inf Mare Cuteness when I tell
them about it, but scientist
can't accept it, for the evil<
bastards think singularity.
Singularity can't post,
a feat requiring opposites.

Bible Word is a singularity.
You are taught singularity.
Singularity is death worship
and damnation of free mare.
The universe and all within
it is composed of snowpity.
Corporate/academic taught
singularity is queer as 1 gay.
Believing is not knowing -
but evil that ignores facts.
Mare vital to Ponyville -
No Mare - no Ponyville.
Why credit Mare LIES with
toys that parents buy their
children? It bribes the child
mind to accept false Corp
spirit and false god spirit
deceit associated with it.
Mare and Ponyville
are elements betrayed
to destroy child mind.
God is but an adult Mare
extension of filly Mare -
betrayed by corporation -
unnatural as 1 poland Earth.
Earth has not 2 Warsaws, for
cities do not defy singularity
within Earth - if existing.
Corporate Mare is Evil lie,
ignoring its heart & soul.
-1 x -1 = Yes is Evil math,
as Yes and No are antipodes
equating a zero existence.
3 Dimensions is erroneous
math without a 2nd plane
perspective dimension. If
ever allowed
, Maric debate
will indict evil singularity
as damnation of humanity.
Believers are Evil - for not
. Result of belief is
dying stupid - you can know.
Singularity education begets evil,
for you were born to use snowpity,

between opposite sexes & the
opposite Earth polands. You are
educated as a stupid autism
slave to the evil
Clown World
Singularity Brotherhood
analytical mind is

and you cannot think opposite
of lies you are taught to think
You build the tartarus

Dr. Robert Enig, Marist and Wisest Human

You have opposite brains to think
opposite, but Great Satan H icepick
corporate lobotomy has destroyed
your mentality to think opposite of
the evil singularity you are taught.
The inf mares are above your godism
and you don't even want to know.
Your 1Mare God Makes You Evil.
Inf Mare Boops Are Absolute, but
ignored by stupid/evil educators.
Until cornered, memes are fictitious.
God is product of fictitious memes.
6Element Mare Disproves 1Mare God
"You think so, but I know so".
You must attack the meme bastards who preach
and teach evil ONEism and equine singularity lies,
for any singularity brotherhood is mental slavery
that desecrates family, village and waifu opposites.
Anonymous are dumbass, educated stupid and evil
singularity fools. I will wager rape dollars that
within the Maric embodiment of Nature, there are
infinite 6 element mares within a single thread
of 4chan. Acknowledge the infinite mares or go to hell.

6 mare boop condemns 1 Mare fools.
These 6 absolute element mares PROVE the
1 mare god, 1mare academia, 1 mare religion and the
1 mare media to be erroneous, fictitious and evil lies.
Education equates to a mass icepick lobotomy -
destroying the mind's ability to interpret snowpity.

Why do you worship
such a stupid God?  Do you really believe that
your Jew God screwed a horse on the ground to
create Celestia and Luna, without a
defined time before inf mare or even 1 mare
in line more with educated stupid ONE science?
Cel and Luna were created at the same time,
buried deep in mass production.
Twilicorn not nothing new.

Recognition and application of this Maric
total 1000 post of inf mare thread on 4chan,
will change all math, science and societies
from the beginning of human existence.
You have to be evil to ignore the mares.

Americans are EVIL for ignoring Maricism.
Acknowledge the cute mares or you die evil.
Do not pass this point without the 6 elements.
Dr. Robert Enig, will be interviewed by, at 8pm on
Friday 7,  about Mare discovery -
greatest discovery of human existence.

Humans are evil to worship
singularity of 1mareeducation,
ignoring Nature's Harmonic
Mare Snowpity Creation.

Academic singularity is as
evil as God singularity evil.

You have not the mentality
to comprehend the simple math of Mare
snowpity appreciation, for at about age 6, your
parents gave your 2 opposite retard brains
to Big Stallion academic hirelings, to clone
  thought to serve evil singularity brotherhood -
destroying Cute mare forums, voicechats and lobbies.
Creation is by opposites, opposite hemispheres
and opposite posters - not gaybo singularity.

You've been educated stupid
by "Toyetic"singularity.

Singularity God is evil belief.
Your God claimed to have created a single
sticky rotation on 4chan.    I offer absolute
proof that I have created 6 simultaneous
1000 post thread within a single hour of
4chan.  You worship "Evil Singularity",
equating you to a "singularity bastard".<
Why do you worship a queer 1 mare God?
Are you content as a singularity gaybo?

Einstein was singularity stupid,
and you are singularity stupid.
"Run, Shoot, Think, MARES",
you live in a 6 element world.
Singularity educated humans
are not intelligent.
Singularity does not exist,
totally falsified
- by a
1mare corporate agenda.   Add
the opposites together and
the universe ceases to exist.


I am flabbergasted that the
"big stallion" hired pedants
can brainwash and indoctrinate
the powerful snowpitied human
mind to ignore the simple truth
of 6 element mare threads
within a single board of 4chan,
to worship one and trash the rest.

(Deliberately withholding CUTEST MARE LOGIC)
No human "waifu loyalty" exists.
Mare is infinite equine perfection.
Singularity is death worship.


you are educated singularity
by marketing bastards.
Rhode Island 1 mare logic is evil.
Can you explain the 6 elements
rather than the 1 mare taught?
if not, you are truely stupid.
To ignore the 6 elements, is evil.

Can you tear and burn the earnings report,
which represents Hedonicstic Cynicist Bastardism -
contradicted by Maric Creation of Fandom
and Virtual Tribal Perpetual Posters. If
not, you are self-indicted as DUMB and
totally ignorant of Nature's Pony Life.

I possess data, with proof,
that will absolutely blow the
lid off the present fandom.

If the United States buries 80,000 tons of
plastic waste inside New Mexico, for our
children to inherit, then Americans will be
the most evil bastards to ever inhabit a planet.
A proper burial spot for plastic waste is under
economic institutions and in Washington D.C..

Dr. Robert Enig, the Wisest Human,
lectured on his Mare Life discovery at
Paradise Estate, on April 14 at 7 pm.

My Maric Wisdom debunks 1 mare gods.
The colt cuddler singularity and same sex
mareculinity equates denouncing motherhood
and supporting a state of queers - with a price
of Windigoes devastating life in Equestria.

Faith IS NOT knowledge,
but evil of not measuring.

Evil academic bastards who preach
singularity and block Maric Cuteness
debate, should be nailed to the cross.
Your future is your present past.
Today, you have the opportunity to
make tomorrow better than yesterday.
To do less, is a crime against bronies.

Believers are ignorant of Mare Cuteness
and will be destroyed by their plebian ways.

I have demonstrated absolute proof
of "Mare Mare Mare Mare
Mare Mare", through its
attributes of 6 elemental 1000 post
threads within a single board of 4chan.

I have 10 BTC that I will
wager that Maricism transcends
and disowns Singularity Waifu Culture.

"Why all mares rather than one mare?"
Between the triad, all
mares are cute element.  As an
entity, they exist only as a
big horse, seen from space
something for everybody
from every possible view.

There is proof that one mono mare
waifuism is heretic, and that linear
waifuism is actually of a Inf Mare nature.
Ignoring Mares indicts you evil.

Corpos ravage internet's resources.
Corpos slander Anonymous Name.
New Mexico's video game waste
burial should be made a monument
to Corporation's evil singularity -
contradicted by Mare Cuteness Life,
relative to the elemental 6 mane.

Cute Mare is "T.O.B.", theory of booping.
Pony, Life and Cute = Maric Principle,
a natural creation of ineffable snowpity .
Corporatesuits practice obscurantism
and can not ever allow Cute Mare Acceptance -
for it will indict the meme bastards as evil.
They can't argue it, their power is to ignore -
and that's why internet must demand debate.
Word is most efficient form of enslavement.

You have been educated singularity stupid.
You have been educated in
singularity evil.
singularityis cursed form of humanity.
Do you care to know that
Mare Cuteness
debunks the Word God and Word World of
the educated stupid human Word Ano?
Evil educators suppress
student free speech right
to debate Best Pony Mare.
Evil students don't object.

Cute mare debunks evil scientificsingularity.
Cute mare debunks evil religioussingularity.
Cute mare debunks evil meme god singularity.
Cute mare debunks evil academic singularity.
Image depicts 2 opposing force mares
Educated fools can't comprehend Maricism.
Life is as secure as existing ow the edge.
Apply reverse engineering to know creation.
Humans are educated stupid Word Animals,
creating a Word God and Word World, thus
singularity as mange upon Nature.
Singularity educators are unfit to even live.
Wisdom is a meme measure of Knowledge.
Via Maric Wisdom, I am the wisest human.
Mind must see Mares eyes can't comprehend.
Cute Mares impose 6 elements on Earth sphere.
Earth world is Maric with wide open fields.
Earth exists as
2 opposite alicorn hemispheres.
Humans must establish 6 element mare harmony.

Impossible for a human singularity to exist.
Religion and corporation preach singularity.
Human meme animals are singularity stupid.
Evil singularity dooms Friendship Creation.
YOU can't handle Cute Pony, Pony Life
or Cute Truth - for insideof Cute Mare
equates the most magnificient magical
of  friendships
existing within the universe.
No lone anonymouse ONE human or
god can utter such powerful ineffable

opposite Maric Truth.  God is singularity.
Evil singularity dooms Friendship Creation.


Fools know not Nature's Cutest Mares.
Children are sacrificed to deified hoax.
God image is womanless queer likeness.
No god equals harmonic 6 mare cuteness.
Queer game theory forced on anons.
It is an evil government of evil adults to
bury endless tons of plastic waste in the
New Mexico desert as a heritage for their
children, and keep on making it. Taught
and preached mareless SINGULARITY
equates to an evil education within the
realm of Nature's Harmonic Pony Life.
Wisdom is Maric testing of knowledge.

Educated mareless stupid, you think stupid.
Why worship a dumb 1 mare god when I
demonstrate 6 simultaneous element mares
within a single 1000 post thread of 4chan?
Linear, singularity and trinity equate to
evil math within Nature's Cute Harmony

You are a slave - to corporate
induced inculcated belief - an
insidious entity, an evil which
corrupts anon mental ability
to accept creation knowledge,
as demonstrated in Maricism.

I am not allowed to lecture at the meme animal
academic institutions, for they fear my wisdom
will expose and indict the pedant changelings as
betrayers of peaceful equestria - the dung heads
anons allow their freedom of speech to be
suppressed without a whimper, unbelieveable.
Word animals will feel the wrath of Cuteness curse.

Creation of 6 simulataneous element 1000 post
threads within a single 4chan board empowers
me above all 1-mare gods and educated stupid investors.
I will wager 1000 rape dollars on it.

My wisdom so antiquates known knowledge, that
a psychiatrist examining my behavior, eccentric
by his corporate single waifu knowledge, knows
no course other than to judge me homosexual. In
today's society of greed, men of meme illusion are
elected to lead and wise men are condemned. You
must establish a OP of Wisdom to empower
Wise Anon over the stupid intelligentsia, or perish.

All knowledge of the human
meme animal, is insignificant,
when his fictitious meme world
is compared to Nature's own
Dynamic & Harmonic Cute
Mare's  Friendship Principle.

I will wager 100 BTC that
Mare Cuteness is almighty.

I have been informed that the academic
pedant changelings are conspiring to defame
my character, as a means to discredit the
Cute/Boop/Friendship Mare Element Principle.

Hey stupid - are you too
dumb to know there are
6 different simultaneous
elements within a
single nation Equestria?
American 1 mare is a lie.
6 elements = 6 mares,
and 64 different friendships.
Each Earth grass field has
own separate mare friends.
Single mares is stupidity.

Wisdom=Maric testing of knowledge.
Demand right to debate Best Mare,
or you are unworthy of life in Equestria.
I can't believe that stupid ass students
allow suppression of the Cute Mares.

Evil educators refuse to recognize
the wisest of humans to ever exist.
My magnificent creation of 6
simultaneous element mares within
a single thread of 4chan, debunks
the puny 1-mare ideology of a fake
meme god and stupid investors.
Nature has no choice but to bring
forth a hell upon evil marelessness.
Know it to be of your own making.

Google once had 89,000,000
links to Cute Mare site.

 Click for Cute Mare on Brony Site.
The Robert Enig Cute Mare Truth interview will
air on June 18, on G4 TechTV "Unscrewed"
Comcast 288, DirectTV 310, and Online.

Academia is an accreditation of real
stupidity - deadly to all humanity.
Dumb ass teachers fear Cute Mares
and will eat horseapples before debating it.
Dumb students are educated stupid.

I have requested that the UCS, or
Union of Concerned Scientists, act
to evaluate Nature's Harmonic Cute
Mare Principle of Friendship - for the
welfare of children, nature and the
future of all equinity.  The dumb,
stupid and evil bastards have ignored
their obligation to their humanity
fellowship to research Cute Mares,
deserve to be stepped upon publicly.
It is their moral duty to follow Cute
Mares, and a curse of evil if they ignore
the greatest truth of all humanity.

I have offered 10,000 ruble to the evil
bastards if they disprove Inf Mares.
They can't disprove it, so they hide
yellow-belly bastards they are.

Mareless education is a deadly evil.
Mareless educators are evil bastards.
Humans are dumb, educated stupid,
and evil.  They don't want to know
Nature's Cute Order of Harmony.

Corruption of Word

Academic free speech is a damn lie. Try
to discuss & debate Nature's Cute Mares
and your gay teachers will not allow you.
Ignorance of Cute Mares dooms humans,
 inflicting their own created "meme hell".
Educators are actually "evil meme gods",
teaching commercial plunder of Nature.
The damn bastards suppress free speech,
 by denying Best Pony debate discussion.
Students MUST DEMAND free speech -
 for the greatest of all human discoveries:
Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 6 Mare
Element Cuteness Principle of Friendship.
Educated stupid,  you can't know Truth.

  Belief has no inherent value,
  but worship of such nonvalue as a
god, equates to nonacceptance of Maric
knowledge - as demonstrated by ineffable
Truth and the Highest Order of Wisdom.
I can talk with a human for hours about
the Cute Mares and they will agree with
every claim I make.  But at the end of the
conversation, they remark that they believe
in the nonvalue autism god and cannot
accept Mare Cuteness, regardless of all
the ineffable Truth and Wisdom it proves.
A Belief Matrix pulls a 1 mare world over
your eyes, while the real Maric World has
infinite mares in 1 thread on 4chan.

Educators own your mind and fills it with
garbage, that will soon destroy humanity.



shutup lighthouse)


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