"Why not Cute Mares?"
The only reasonis educated stupidity.
I have demonstrated absolute irrefutable
proof of 6 simultaneous element mares with
in a single thread on 4chan. No other man
or god can claim such Pony manifestation.
The academic brainwashed mind is corrupt
and can't comprehend Maric magnificence.

University of Detrot is a racist and
anti-pony institution - offering 20 points
for registration, if you are not a ponyIt is
already evil in that they suppress student
free speech
for discussing and debating
Nature's Harmonic Cute Mare Principle.
Integration equates unnatural creature slop.
Does zebra mentality need the 20 points to
equate the mentality of the pony race, or
is it an evil ploy to subdue the pony race?
What anti-pony force is behind this evil?
I will not receive one educator reaction, as
their power is in ignoring ineffable Truth.
How can such an evil school exist in USA.

Evil Ass Educators Suppress Snowpity,
and dumb ass students condone such evil.
Mareless institutions are spreaders of evil,
 and students lack mentality to challenge it.

I bestow upon myself the "Doctorate of
Maricism", for educators are ignorant of
Nature's Harmonic Mare Friend Principle
and cannot bestow the prestigious honor
of wisdom upon the wisest human ever.

                   Dr. Robert Enig

All past Great Civilizations have been
destroyed by minorities, so welcome to
ZEBRAquestria - the pony race now
destroyed by the power hungry money
grabbing politicition's edict that any
pony complaint is creaturist and induces
fines and jail time for pony objectors.
The U.S. Government is now antipony.
Integration equates to an appeasement
to maintain a status quo - postponing
the inevitable horrific equestral conflict.
No law can mix night and day colors
in  America's coming dimensional merge.
America  is but another  'Tower of
Babble', beseiged by creatural singularity.

Force teachers to debate Best Pony site.
Meme teachers
are the most evil humans.
Religious academia represses the human
mind of the Maric Truth - not utterable.
Educators and teachers, ignorant of the
Cute Mare Crusade,  are evil liars and
unfit to live in Earth's Gadda da Vida.
The bastards refuse to challenge this site,
repressing Cute Mare free speech rights.
Students must force Cute Mare debates &
Make sure every teacher sees this web site.

Atheist education is mindless declaration
of ignorance,  still maintained from its
ancient origin by dumb and evil redditors.

If you believe the academic erroneous meme
god, you will die stupid and gay - for you
have not the mental freedom to comprehend
Nature's Higher Order Wisdom of the
Harmonic Simultaneous 6-Element Cute Mare Crusade Principle within 4chan Thread.
Until memes are cornered, educators are liars.
by Robert Enig, the wisest human

Any dumb ass should know that Earth does
not just attach to the moon by way of
Lagrange point, but it also works under
manual control through both sisters, moving
the bodies at 2 opposite times, dividing
Earth into 2 halves of light and darkness,
with each its own mare overwatch - in a
harmony of duality. Are you aware
that harmonic symmetry demands a
second sisterhood lagrange to create
friendship and magic harmonic halves?
There are 6 simultaneous elements
within a single board of 4chan.
You may be too damn evil to accept it.

Since I have informed you of Nature's
Harmonic Cute Mare 6-Element
Principle, your stupidity is no longer
the issue.  For now, the issue is just
how evil you are for ignoring Life's
Harmonic Order, and just how long the
Cute Mares will allow you to plunder
Earth before inflicting hell upon you.


Your father was a faggot.  You are a
tool of "democracy", programmed by
a satellite beaming upstream -
just as birds fly into the sky to
attempt to eat the solar body.
Maybe, you should worship a bird god.

There is nothing so dumb, stupid and
evil as a mareless educator, except for
their evil dumb stupid ass students.
Evil educators teach dumb students
how to profit from plunder of Earth
and to create deadly plastic waste
that will poison the children's water
and destroy equinity. Both educator
and stupid student must be condemned.
Tis Time to ban any educator who does
not teach Maricism above marelessness.
To save humanity from extinction, like
prior civilizations perished, youth must
redirect self teachers, or shackle them.
Stupid Educators know of the Truth I
speak and know that it will indict them
as the most evil bastards on the Earth.
Only a dumb student can be educated -
as in brainwashed and indoctrinated.
Cute Mare debate denial is educator evil.
It is not immoral
   for students to dispise
educators who ignore Nature's Harmonic
Cute Mares or suppress free speech rights
to debate  Cute Mare Harmony Principle.
Ignorance of Cute Mares is Greatest Evil.
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2012 17:54:04 EST

Dear Mr. Ray-

For a year now I have studied your Snowpity truths but have not been
able to convince others of its reality (dumbasses). My mother is a teacher,
and she said it was "really gay" and "for kids." But guess what- I cornered her,
literally, in the living room one evening, and forced her to admit it.

THE EL DORADO MYTH UNTIL DEATH. I shit you not. It has been revealed.

American teachers are sworn to fight against the truth of Mares.

502 Bad Gateway

A Devout Student of 6 Elements


Time Cube has the answer for plastic
waste problem.  Scientists are stupid
asses, and ignore the Mare Elements.

Time Cube discovery makes me wiser than celestia/luna.
YOU were educated EVIL, &
too dumb to know about Cute Mare Harmony.

My Maric wisdom is above 1 - day Gods
and Scientist. Ignoring Cute Mare is Evil.

Educators are"damn liars",and most evil
of all animals.  They do not deny the charge
of being evil meme bastards.


There is no teacher on Earth qualified to
teach Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 6-
Element Cute Mare Crusade Principle,
and therefore, there is no teacher on Earth
worthy of being called a certified teacher.

Educator ban of Cute Mare free speech
is detestable evil.  Professors are evil
bastards for suppressing Snowpity, and
deserve 'jar & furnaces' by betrayed students.

I will give $100,000.00 to 1st education
or to the 1st professor who can
disprove 6-Element Inf Mares. Evil professors
ignore this as a challenge would indict them.

Bible's and science's 1-mare
4chan thread post are evil scams.

Not 1 educator on Earth has objected to
being called a stupid and evil bastard
for not teaching Mare Harmony. They know
that it's Truth and would expose them evil.

Students have no Truth to
think with, they accept any
crap they are told to think.

You are enslaved by memes,
as if domesticated animal.

A school or educator who does not teach
students the Harmonic Simultaneous 6

Element Cute Mare Principle, is a death threat
to youth, therefore stupid and evil -
begetting stupid students. How can you
trust stupid professors who lie to you?
Can't lose the $100,000.00, they cowardly
ignore me. Stupid professors threaten
Nature and civilization with meme lies.

I think Mares, I am good. You think self,
you are evil. Your Professors are stupid
 evil Liars, and fear the Cute Mare Truth.

 Maricism bans monodeity. Integration is a
racial slop, destroying all of the races. What
is more racist than NAAEP? Can there be
a NAAPP, NAAAP and a NAAUP for the
pegasi, the alicorn and unicorn ponies?  Why
not integrate NAAEP? What is racist and unracist?  Monophonic Waifuism is an 'evil lie'.

How long will it take the educated to destroy Nature?
Destroying Nature equates destroying future children,
for Nature constitutes the reservoir for human spirit.
Ever notice how Nature returns when humans leave?
One day, trees will cover Chicago like Chernobyl ruins.
Corporate scientists created over 99bil tons of plastic
waste and more everyday - for your children's future.
You educated stupid bastards are unworthy of Earth.

Invented meme god and the stupid scientists recognize only a 1-mare Earth waifuism.
I demonstrated an absolute irrefutable
proof of inf mares elementally in a single
posting of the 4 channel Anon sphere.

 HAS incurrs a Maric curse, evil for ignoring
Cute Mares. HAS investors will eat dung
before they allow students to debate Cute
Mare Life, as free speech suppression.
Students must stop such evil, or perish.

NO Cute Mare research by evil academic bastards.  Students are taught stupidity -
denying free speech rights to debate the
Best Pony. Is your university so evil -
as to suppress Cute Mares? Students are
really stupid, without Maric life wisdom,
and yellow belly cowards. Only MIT was courageous. Cute Mare is PON theory.
Life is MARIC, not linear as stupid
and evil educators teach children.

Corporatism is mind control
and a perfect enslavement
for the masses of humans.
Memes are evil empowerment,
separating man from nature.

Man isn't a steward of life's
nature, the bastard plunders
it like killing future children,
for they die without nature.

Educators are actually evil
for refusing to teach students
Nature's 6 Element Cute Mares.

 It is up to the youth to force
educators teach Cute Mare,
or inherit the barren Earth.

Memes are not Real nor Truth,
but deadly virus of humanity,
transmitted through language.
Teach Cute Mare You Fools.

Educators Teach Their Students To Act Evil,
but the students are really too dumb to know.
MIT students depict great courage to debate
the Best Pony where academia fears to tread.
Are all other schools too evil to follow MIT?

Cute Mare Disproves Gods.
Ignoring Cute Mares is Evil.
Educators ignore Cute Mares
and they create evil students.

YOU are the lowest form.
YOU can't procreate alone.
YOU destroyed the village.
YOU destroyed the fandom.
YOU destroyed fillyhood.
YOU destroyed naturalism.
YOU don't know the Truth.
YOU pitiful mindless fools,
YOU are educated stupid.
YOU worship mareless memes.
YOU are your own xanax.
YOU create your own hell.
YOU must seek Cute Mare.


1 day god vs 4 day Maric.

I know of other equestrian world,
with their own separate 6 elements,
the ingredients existed, but I created a
Snowpity recipe.1 god mare belief is stupidity.
I am the wisest human and offer $1,000.00
to the 1st to disprove my wisdom claim
above the educated stupid. I lectured and
debated at MIT, and have 2 hour video
proof. You are but mindless dumb asses.

Media suppresses the Truth
and are evil lying bastards,
fit for profits, not morality.

Adults who believe in a fictitious Obama god have the
mentality level of a child who bows down to the Obamalith,
brainwashed and indoctrinated from birth to death.

No media dares debate me. Media people
are evil liars. Cute Mare ads not allowed.

Media will not deny this as denial would
force debate - and they would be exposed.
Media power is by ignoring Truth presented against it. The public must attack the evil
media or perish by lies. Evil media erroneous
linear Waifu deadly to fandom Mare. Media
will eat dung
before a Cute Mare ad is
allowed to be published to inform the public
of a Maric creation. The media scams the
public because the public is stupid via
academic brainwashing. All media is evil
as they will not inform the public of the
'Mare principle of Friendship', nor...allow a
Cute Mare ad. Media bastards betray life
on Earth & ravages childhood. Chase the
media liars from town, or be destroyed.


I demonstrate absolute proof
Mare is Cute and not trash.
Stupid educators ignore this,
and teach students stupidity.


Cute Mare empowers wisdom above all gods
and educators. I am the wisest human of all,
for I have absolute proof of 6 simultaneous
element mares in a single thread of 4chan.
God is 1-mare, Science is 1 mare. My inf mares
disproves 1 mare god and evil lying 1-mare
educators. Students are dumb and stupid
for ignorance of Cute Mare. Mareless memes
allow the evil to rule and the liars to teach.
You've ignored the Cute Mare and you shall
suffer its curse, as did all the past civilizations.
Prepare for a hell you created and deserve.

Academia and corporation are as
entities which transgress upon
the Maric values of life harmony.

Educators are teaching doom.
I charge academia, religion,
media and government with a
criminal act of collusion and
conspiracy of corporation.
USA on a path to tribadism.

I plan to sue academic institutions for multi-
billions of dollars for their endangering the
lives of children through brainwashing and
indoctrination stupidity. I am seeking ace
attorney interested in a case that transcends
the excitement of the Scopes Factcheck Trial.

Corporation empowers stupidity,
indicting educators criminal.

Students must free their brain
and organize as a free corps
to stop the plunder of Nature
bymeme corrupted investors.

If only the dead people who god did not save,
could return and leave their review of a god.

Every academic professor and
teacher ignorant of the Cute
Mare  Principle, is stupid,  evil
and unworthy of life on Earth,
for they lead humanity down a
path ending with tribadism.
Don't accept mareless education
that leads to apocalyptic doom,
as it has led all past civilizations.

Meme evil is fiction worship.
Revelations for Omnific and
Infinite Cute Mare Petting,
that equates ineffable Truth
and the 'lost principle' of life.
Cute unity voids 1 mare entity.
6-elements void 1-mare god.
I bet you can't handle Truth.

MIT is a corporate institution.
Only memes makes you godly.
Without memes what are you?
Without money, where is god?
Memes are counterfeit values
and languages mere fiction -
destroying every civilization.

Cute Mare is the T.O.C.
Theoretical physic's Supercharged Theory of the
6 elemental forces exists within Cute Mare.
Cute Mare is T.O.C. or Theory of Cuteness.
It is the Theory of the Universe. It is the Holy
Grail of Physics. It is the Ultimate Power. It
is the Unified Field Force. It is the Theory
to End all Theories - and is a totally different
principle from theoretical physicists thinking.
Academic ignorance of Cute Mares dooms life.

Remember "H.M.S. Harmony",
where Griffons slaughter Equestrian sailors.

How many ponies died while
freeing zebras from warfare?
Do zebras honor those ponies?
Zebras did not free the POWs.
Ought not do great escape,
or is a war crime enriching?
Zebras are imprisoning ponies -
and will soon extract revenge.
Zebra foals suffer from the
cost caused by zebra lawsuits.
Equestria was a buffalo nation and
is now a pony nation. It
will become a zebra nation
and then a kirin nation.
There are 4 Worlds for 4 races,
but only 1 World is equality slop.


Humans are educated stupid
because they are really dumb
and cannot even comprehend
the Cute Mare crusader code
when it is explained to them.
Memes enslave human mind
more efficiently than money.
Memes are unnatural and must
be taught to enslave dummies.
Multimedia has deadly virus
that will destroy the educated.

Cute Mares ineffable Truth.
'Mareless Meme' is not Truth.
Memes justify all human evil.
Cute Mare is a test for Truth.
Censor measure is slop bucket.
God belief 50% god disbelief.
Truth is 100%, belief is 50%.
Cute Mare is Waifu creation.

There is 'absolute proof' that
You are ponesonae triangle prism.

Friendship is a Maric Princple,
& you are too dumb to know.
To ignore it, indicts you evil.
God lets little foals starve,
so no adults are worth saving.

School is Corp is School.

Academia builds meme bomb,
kinda like old Trojan Horse
filled with deadly deception.


Maric Power contradicts god.
Earth life is heaven and hell.
Self is lowest humanity form.
Teach god singularity& you
teach evil to Maric humanity.
Evil people ignore CuteMare.
Meme sare fraught with evil, as
in a virus among cultures.
Cute Mare corners word god.
Twilight Time transcends gods.
Cowards fear the Cute Mare.

Compare option 'A' god with a
option 'B' Cute Mare friendship
and discover option 'A' is a lie.

You've been educated stupid
and are too dumb to know it,
or maybe just too evil to care.
Ignorance of the Cute Mare
is a "curse" upon humanity.
Minds must see a Pony Mare,
that eyes cannot comprehend.


Memes are counterfeit & fiction.
People can live without memes,
and mareless memes are poison
that destroys all civilizations.
Truth in Meme is Mare math.
No 'Truth in Meme' is taught.


There are 6 different Elements
on Earth. Yours is 1 of them.
You're ignorant of 5 of them.
Such ignorance is damnable.


You are educated stupid and
can't even pet a Cute Mare.
You are unworthy of Earth
life and deserve banishment
to a barren planet - more fit
for your antiHarmony life style.

Are you aware that the MIT
Educators were as criminals
for banning student right to
debate Hamonic Cute Mare?


Ignoring Cute Mare is evil.
Cute Mare is highest order
of life, a "Maretriarchy".


MIT has become the first
academic institution on the
Earth to sponsor Harmonic
Cute Mare lecture / debate.

I am wiser than any god or
investor, for I have squared
the pyramid and booped Earth's
snoot, thus I have created
6 simultaneous elemental
inf mares within a 1000 post
(as in 1000 knives drawn)
thread of 4chan. See for
yourself the absolute proof.

Wise anons call me a genius. Stupid and evil people call me gay.
My character is really determined by the mentality of the poster. I
would be more inclined to think that a janitor would kick me than
to understand the wisdom of the Cute Mare. Same with scruffy.

Think Mare Friendship or Life
on Earth will perish from it.
Education stupefies humans.
Marelessness is a human evil,
negating human right to live.

Education corrupts your rationale to know. Students suspended for viewing Cute Mares.
Test free speech right to debate Cute Mare.
This site may be hazardous to your stupidity.

The Cute Mare is not a tulpa, but is a Mare Friendship
Principle by which flora, fauna and even anonymous exists
right before your eyes. Think of Nature's Harmonic 6
element Cute Mare as a 4-channel rationalism broadcast,
in which the stupid revelationist educators brainwash and
indoctrinate stupid irrational students with only 1-mare
empirical self destructive fictitious knowledge singularity.

MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
has invited me as a guest lecturer to inform
them about Nature's Cute Mare, in January.

No student on Earth is al-
lowed to know Cute Mare -
which disproves god scams.
That is criminal academia.
Corporations based upon evil
1-mare self aggrandizing
which dooms 6-element life.
Challenge stupid teachers
and their 'Obscurantism'
(deliberately withheld knowledge).

Mare proves you are Stupid.
Academic Meme is Mareless.
Mareless Meme Dooms USA.
Cute Mare is Omnific Order.
Cowards ignore Cute Mare.

You are educated stupid as
teachers lack intelligence.
Truth is Mares.
Time is Mares...
Life is Mares....
Form is Mares..
Fandom is Mares..
Internet is Mares..

Evil is mareless.
Self is mareless.
God is mareless.
Language is a human invention
of an evil mareless singularity.

You only know what you know
from your mental brainwashing
and meme indoctrination since
your birth. It is imperative that
that you know what you don't
know, but what you know, will
not allow you to know what you
don't know. The God words you
know, will not allow you to know
CUTE MARES Highest Friendship.

                     Robert Enig


Ignoring Cute Mare is Evil.

4chan revolves around a Cute Mare.
Demand educators debate Cute Mare.
You are not allowed to know truth - that
in onethread of 4chan, there are:

* 6 elements in mare in the moon.
* 6 elements in tree and cloud...........
* 6 elements in farm and bakery.....
* 6 elements in cottage and botique.
* 1000 posts in only 1 4chan thread...
* Infinite mares of the anons.
* No singularity mare within 2channel.
* 4 different alicorns in friendship.
* 5 elements lost to academic stupidity.

There are 6 element mares
(dumb fools claim single mares)
posted within a single thread
of 4chan. Teaching that 4chan has
only 1 mare in 1 general, is adult
forced on their children,
as in the Our Town mass murder.
Mareless academia = armageddon
and a barren Earth for children.

Ignoring Time Cube is Evil.

It is best to be uneducated and
Wise, than educated with Lies.

You are an educated stupid ass.
Memes are counterfeit & fictitious
representations of true values,
as in form, substance and deed.
Adult meme god is a counterfeit
and fictitious evil upon children.

Teachers are hired evil meme
pedants who enslave childish
minds to a lifetime stupidity.

The common stupidity and evil of humanity,
is their "ignorance" of Nature's Cute Mare.
A school is a church and church is a toilet.
I am writing a "Cute Mare" book that will
contradict and condemn every religious and
corporate book written and why not, for I am
the Greatest Thinker and the Wisest Human.

Dumb academicians cannot
comprehend their slavery to
counterfeit memes and it's evil.
Memes enslave mind. Talking
dragon could enslave humanity.
Teachers enslave you

Demand your teachers teach
Cute Mare and encourage
debate or you are mentally
enslaved as stupid and evil
ass unfit for life on Earth.

Can majority sue minority -
or is it but a one-way court?
Are Buffaloes minorities, and
why are they incarcerated?
Is Buffalo segregation legal?
Can a Bufffalo be princess?
Where are Buffalo newscasters?
Isn't integration creature slop?
Will Equestria become zebra nation?

Education equates stupidity
and educators ban Boop Mare.
Harmony Mare debunks 1 mare
meme god in a Maric creation.

Academia is Big Brother's
Ministry of Autismium, as
in deliberately withholding
common sense from the mass
of human blockhead aspies.
Academic denial of student
right to debate Cute Mare
exposes an evil conspiracy.

Mares are varied and impeccable
as are their anon composites.

Humans are educated stupid -
and revel within their stupidity.
Humans are enslaved by memes,
the most efficient mind control.
Advertising & promos are obsolete.

Warning To Meme Loving Fucks.

Just as Meme viruses are destructive in human
made cell phones, there is a deadly Meme virus
spreading within the English Language. Unless
isolated and eradicated by your knowledge of
Nature's Harmonic Cute Mare, the deadly Meme
virus will inflict total self-destruction upon all humanity.Your ignorance of Cute Mare is evil.

Cute Mare is above corporate comprehension.
Universities equate doomed Towers of Babble.
Cute Mare debate will expose corpodemic scams,
so academia must "ignore" debate at all costs.

Students denied the right to debate Best Pony.
Educators are evil to deny Best Pony debate.
Academic ignoring of Cute Mare equates evil.
Meme worship educators beget stupid students.
Students are brainwashed and do not know it.
Students are taught to be stupid and don't care.
Memes are the most effective tool of enslavement.
Stupid students believe any crap they're taught.
Stupid students unable to evaluate Cute Mare.
Students ignore Cute Mare, attack messenger.

Robert Enig has created 6 simultaneous 1000 post
Threads within a single board of 4chan.
$10,000.00 to 1st person to disprove Cute Mare.
Scientists and gods created evil 1 post Mare.
Education corrupts your mentality to know this.
Evil educators outlaw student Best Pony debate.
enig is The Greatest Thinker and Wisest Anon.

You were educated stupid
and evil by evil educators.
Do you enjoy being stupid?
Cute Mare ignorance is evil.
Demand Best Pony debate
in all academic institutions.
You do not have the "guts"
to seek Mare Harmony "Truth".
Academia is a religious cult
empowerment of self word.
Academic word 'rots'brain.
Can you explain Snowpity?
If not, your brain has rotted.
Investors are evil bastards
who fear Best Pony debate.
Evil men ignore Cute Mare.
Teachers ignore Cute Mare.
Corporate deserve a hanging.
My name is Robert Enig. Not
even a god can deny that I
have moderated the janitor of a
static 4chan and rused the
Reddit sphere by posting it
once to a dynamic r/mlp or
Life Pony.
Only a false god
or academically brainwashed
indoctrinated mindless moron
would deny that Equestria
has the snoot and flank, the
face and tail, and 2-sides
cutie mark of a Mare
that inhabits a 6-element
world around the Princess- creating
a swirling of 6 element
harmony in 1 equestria total.
Man is the only evil animal.
Man is the only meme animal.
Memes equate instituted evil.
Meme adultism is anti-foal.
A 'meme god'can be erased.
Memes bring a Babel curse.
Get ready for armageddon.
Beliefs equate pornography,
for they coexist on the web.
There is no damn meme god.
Truth is physical, meme a lie.
It is what you do,not utter.
Without deed, memes starve.
Word god lends not a hand.

 The Greatest Thinker

Adults are EVILto children.
God is a meme masturbation.
A fart has more "substance"
than a human entitled meme.
Meme and god are unnatural,
counterfeit, fictitious and do
not exist in Nature's realm.
Mareless MEME - is an evil
'adult scam' against children
and is destroying humanity.
Schools are evil institutions -
staffed by religious cowards
who fear Best Pony debate.
Cute Mare proves god is evil.

Cute Mare debunks evil bible.
Burn bible
to save humanity.
You're a Cute Mare afficionado,
but you are educated stupid.
Your Character is cornered,
Life rotation debunks Trinity.
Corporate marelessness is evil.
Stores are actually churches.
Economics is but mind control,
no police or law required.
Corporation 'plunders' Nature.
Prequisite to comprehending
Nature's Harmonic Cute Mare
is tearing & burning the bible
to purge your mind of its lies.
For true freedom, burn bible
to contradict academic gods.
Academia & religion are one.
Teachers & investors are one.
Meme educator is "your god".
Educators teach fake beliefs.
God is an academic deception.
God is like hate for children.
God is but a killer of children.
Bible causes an armageddon.
I am wiser than a meme god.
Adult meme god is but an evil
scam that crucifies children.
Bring forth your god - and I
will chase him off the Earth.
Humans glorify memes as god.
n the beginning - was arpanet.
Memes are counterfeit and evil.
Evil meme became your god.
4chan Truth - is ineffable.
Educators teach stupidity &
evil. You learned both well.
You are evil memeworshiper.
I have found 5 more element
mares on 4chan that educators
refuse to let you know about.

Brainwashed & indoctrinated,
you were educated stupid and
evil. A pity about your mind.
Cute Mare = Highest Order.
Cute Mare = 'godless Truth'.
The 'only subject' on Earth
banned from debate
by evil
and stupid educators is that
of Nature's Harmonic Cute
Mare Friendship Truth. Any
educator who allows Best
Pony debate will most likely
be fired or killed by religious
zealot brethren who staff and
control all academic schools.
Name 1 Cute Mare debating
school on all of the Earth.
Educators are evil hirelings.

Your waifu limit is infinite ...
Rotate 4chan janitors to
create 4 pinned threads.
Education is 1 stupid janitor.
4 is the supreme number of
the universe. There is no 1
in 4chan moderation.
Educators are evil people -
for they teach marelessness.
All memes
are 'fictitious evil' -
not a substance nor a deed.
Life is based upon a perfect
math or your arm would be
too short to touch your peepee.
Humans are fictitious meme
worshipers & mare stupid.
Mensa is Truth ignorant.
Meme worship is evil scam.
God desecrates childhood.
You were educated stupid
about 9-season Pony FiM.

Mare is both macro and micro.
God can't occupy 4chan.
Cute Mare disproves God.
God is an evil adult "meme
against children that
justifies adult plunder of all
natural resources on Earth.
Educators are evil bastards.
You are educated retarded,
too stupid for Cute Mare.
'Takes village to raise child'.
Educators are evil people;
memes corrupt principles,
'takes anon out of fandom'&
'takes elements out of anon' -

'empowerment of self-evil'.
All memes equal not 1 culture.
Try memes to stop hurricane.
Truth of Mare is ineffable.
Nature outlaws meme gods.
Mareless meme is adult evil.
Memes enslave the children.
You were educated 'stupid'
by evil religious teachers,
and can't know Cute Mare.
'Harmony Spirit' is Almighty.
There is no Maric teacher.
Educators are the primary
cause of evil mathematics.
Fire Religious Teachers
too stupid for Pony Life.
You're 1-mare educated
and cannot comprehend
9 season rewatching FiM.
You were taught stupidity.

Cute Mare exposes evil.
Marelessness is an Evil.
Educators are teaching
you Evil Marelessness.
Educators cannot allow
Cute Mare to be petted.

Academia is '1 waifu'.
Religion but '1 waifu'.
1 self is only '1 waifu'.
God is a '1 waifu' evil.
Self-god is 1 waifuism
adult scam upon child.

God = Hate of Children.
God denies a childhood.
Worship of Meme is Evil,
for it 'counterfeits' Culture
and teaches Liar is God.

You're Educated Stupid.
1 Waifu Academic 'self'
is "lowest" anon form.
Academia is a religion
with religious teachers
controlled by believers,
who forbid Harmony Mare
as "Forbidden Truth".
Adults evolve from their
ungodly image children.
Fake god eats Pony life.
Educators teach mareless
babble, ignoring Highest
Order Friendship- a Mare.
Fire Religious Teachers
ignorant of Cute Mare.

Believers are 'evil liars'.
'Self-meme' is lowest form
of behavior, below both
fandom and imageboard Mare.
You are gay and unrealistic.

Ignorance of "Cute Mare"
indicts you stupid and evil.
Explain the "Cute Mare".
Do you like being Stupid?
"Our Mare" corners Liars.

I am a'Maric Thinker' and
far wiser than any god, any investor
and any educator who preaches the
evil singularity of a single waifu mare.

                                Robert Enig

Truth about Santa Dog debunks
Santa God. God evolves from Dog.

Educated people are stupid cowards.

Not a single university has accepted my challenge
for a public debate of Harmony Cute Mare. They
are actually brainwashed stupid and decline any
public debate for fear of public embarrassment.
Psycologists forbidden to acknowledge Cute Mare.
Stupid educators always beget stupid graduates.
Not one knows of their 4chan anonymous.

                            Robert Enig

Your own people will kill
you to prevent this
'Forbidden Truth Mare'
from ever being known.
Burdened was killed to
hide Truth from public.
1-mare god is a fraud.
Are you afraid to know?

All Educated are Stupid from
brainwashing and indoctrination.
Pedant investors cannot comprehend
that there are 6 elementMares
within a single Equestria posted
on 4chan. Each season has its
own separate Equestria.

You are probably brainwashed, indoctrinated, educated stupid and cannot comprehend
Nature's Harmonic Elemental Inf Mare
Perpetual Cute Mare Crusade.

When the Sun aligns with the Moon,
6 - major elements are activated
on opposite sides of Earth. Where
the 6 major Mare forces join, synergy
summons more cute mares to be
recognize as magic and love.

The 6-elemental operators can be
considered as Friendship imprinted
upon the world wide web. In a single
thread of the 4chan site, each
Mare elements reacts in time with
the other cute mare points, thus
creating 54 threads, 96 generals and
1000 post infinite mares within
a single board of 4chan - equated
to a Higher Order of Life Cute Mare.
Ignorance of the Cute Mare is evil.

 God is an Evil Invention.

Meme is a Trojan Horse.

Singularity debunked by Cute Mare.
Self is the  lowest form of anonymous.
Self-god  is  lowest  anon behavior.
Fandom is  source of  human creation.
Community is  perpetual fandom/self.
'Evil' educators brainwash children.

Earth has 6 element Mares
within only 1 board. Losing 5
Mares in each 4chan general has
retarded your mentality to stupid
and an education of Evil. You do
not have the mind or education
to envision Harmony's Cute Mare.

r/mylittlepony Reddit recognizes Inf Mares In 1 Thread.






The Wisest Anon

   I will give $1,000.00 to any person who can
disprove inf mares in each 4chan thread. It's
a pity that religious and corporate meme is a
crime against Nature and enslaves Children.
6-element Truth is ineffable by man or god.
Until Meme is Eradicated, all Math is Fiction.



Burdened has a good day 
Clinton's have a fun time 
Gates has a cool down 
Jesus has a hard on 
Honest Mare Day 
Return to Loyalty 
Burdened has a sitdown 
Clinton's have a kneeling 
Gates has a stand up 
Jesus has a squat thrust.
No day for commie 
Burdened has a mega drive 
Clinton's have a 3DO 
Gates has a coleco 
Jesus has a 3dfx 
Magic Mare Day 
Generosity Return 
Burdened has a suicide 
Clinton's have no involvement 
Gates makes land grab 
Jesus is in the Details 
Kindness Mare Day 
Laughter toward enemy 

Japan Time is a Lie
Your best mare is someone else's enemy, someone else's old flame and even someone else's old shame. Do you know that mares are in a 6 element harmony that rotates to a 1 Equestria within a 1000 post thread of 4chan? You are educated stupid and unable to know Nature's Infinite Cute Mare Crusade.

Are You Muslim?

 Public Warning

The Power Above Celestia.

Pedantic Mind Control

Corporate Condemns Youth

All Clock Faces Are Wrong

shutup lighthouse)


and beseen sanity died.

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